Consulting Services

Consulting is a long term investment in your goal’s future.

Corporate Compliance

  • program design/review
  • board education
  • compliance audits

Reimbursement Compliance Audits

  • MDS accuracy audit
  • Reimbursement/MDS system compliance
  • Corporate Compliance Billing Audits
  • Medicare A
  • Medicare B
  • Medicaid MDS submission

Medicaid Case Mix Consultation 

  • Optimization and accuracy of MDS system/processes

MDS Completion – Interim MDS services

LTC Survey Process

  • Directed Plan of Care, Directed In-Service Training
  • Survey Readiness
  • Mock Survey

Quality Assurance – Performance Improvement (QAPI) Program Design

Quality Measure/NHQI Consultation

Clinical System Analysis 

Directed Plans of Correction and Directed In-servicing

Director of Nursing Mentoring Program

Medical Record Review

Expert Witness/Subject Matter Expert:

  • Medicare Reimbursement (MDS, PPS, Billing)
  • Post-Acute Care Service Delivery
  • Quality Care Evaluation
  • Nursing Scope of Practice
  • Nursing Home Administration
  • Assisted Living Administration
  • Home Care Services Delivery